Precision In-Season Marketing (PrISM)

The Screen Moguls team has been providing some of the world’s largest brands with bespoke digital targeting and attribution solutions since 2018.

PrISM automatically delivers hyper-targeted micro-campaigns, using live sales data and machine learning. Zero wastage, cost effective marketing.

The platform can automatically build audiences based on what theatres are playing your movie at that time and seat availability.  Those audiences can be specified by drive-time to theatre and by any targeting overlay you choose.

Our platform takes a feed of real time data for every screening of every movie in every theatre. This data is used to make decisions about what campaigns to deploy, when to optimise them and when to retire them.



PrISM will automatically setup your audiences directly in channel and make it available to you.

If required we can also create micro-campaigns targeted directly at each individual screening, targeting individuals who live, work and play in the catchment area.


Because we can see the impact of each micro-campaign in real-time, our engine can learn and make live decisions. For example when to switch the campaign off because seats are full, there are diminishing returns or when to widen the net.

We also make the real time sales data available to view via our self-service portal. You can use this data to understand which geographies, exhibitors or creative treatments are responding well.



Our platform is able to automatically create and execute audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Amazon and more. You can decide which channels you want to focus on or let the platform choose the spend split according to the geography and audience targets.


You decide all the campaign parameters such as total spend or budget per seat sale. Want to skew the audience towards venues where you achieve a better return? No problem.

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